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How much does it cost to fell or prune a tree?

How much can the prices of a company specializing in tree pruning and felling cost?

If you are about to use professional services for the first time to prune or fell a tree, you are probably wondering what budget you can expect.
Or, you have received a quote from us (or a competitor) and you are wondering what the company based it on
to offer this pricing.

Abattage Brisebois will try to explain to you as best as possible the dynamics behind the service offers

Tree size; the larger the tree, the greater the requirement to climb the tree or use specialized equipment.

Tree size; in addition to its size, the width of its trunk can become complicated after a certain diameter, in addition to the transport towards the exit of the pieces of wood.
Conversely, a diameter that is too small can be dangerous when climbing.

Number of branches; the quantity of branches that the tree has, but also their length, size and location, can be determining on the duration of the work, even when felling.

Tree condition; the more a tree is in poor condition (sick, dead, damaged by bad weather), the longer the time required for the work to be carried out, and the related risk factor must be taken into account).

The location of the tree; the location of the tree on the land as well as its situation in relation to other trees and immovable property (house, shed, garage, swimming pool, wires, fence).

Danger of the tree; all the elements combined which determine its level of dangerousness which affect the execution time and the risk taken by the company.

Taking into account environmental elements and level of technicality, we can determine approximately how long the execution of the contract will take.

For a team of three employees, it costs around $300 per hour for a tree in good condition or at low risk.

In certain cases, when two workers are enough or if there is no work requiring climbing the tree, the rate can in this case be between $200 and $240 per hour.

In cases where a cherry picker must be used, the price will increase to approximately $425 for each hour worked.

In addition, transport time is also taken into account when we make the quote.

On the other hand, when the work must be carried out urgently and as a priority, 50% of the minimum price will be charged, with a minimum of three hours of work in addition to transport.

Although we generally offer our quotes free of charge after estimating the work on site, please note that with our company specializing in tree service Abattage Brisebois, you can benefit from a service billed only by the hour.

In what situation do we offer this option?

Here is a list of situations adapted for the hourly pricing offer.

Limited budget; you have several trees to prune or fell, but a budget that does not allow you to accomplish all the work immediately, focus on the priorities according to the allocated budget by maximizing each dollar invested. (Please note that we offer the option of deferred payment to allow all of the work to be carried out without the financial stress that this can cause).

Big works; your land or land has several trees to maintain or cut down and it is difficult to make a fair estimate. Please note that in the case of large projects requiring several days of work, we can offer a preferential daily rate.

Recurring work; Are you a company or municipality that often uses tree felling and pruning services? Take advantage of our discounted rates for our regular customers.

Environment and technical level

Average price of tree felling or pruning with Abattage Brisebois

Opt for flexibility with Abattage Brisebois

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